Star cast of the movie in Chandigarh on Thursday

DW BUREAU / Chandigarh

Highlighting the real reasons behind the present distressed state of farming community, the movie ‘Khdukusian Di Fasal’, suggests sustainable and pragmatic measures to pull the food giver out of his misery. The movie makes an in depth attempt to delve into the world of chaos that plagues the life of a farmer who is neck deep into the vicious circle of debt.

Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, the movie producer Akshay Sharma disclosed that the movie to be released today was based on the narrative inspired by the travails of a young physically challenged farmer and at the receiving end of the village moneylender and the government red tape, besides being the story of two families who join cause with him after much suffering.

“Drug abuse, costly machinery and unabated use of chemical fertilisers lay a fertile ground for farmer suicides,” said Akshay Sharma while adding that the movie, which is directed by renowned Director Bhagwant Singh Kang, would strike a chord with all sections of society.

“Punjab’s farmer had always worked tirelessly to feed the entire nation and it was tragic to witness the present day situation where he has been reduced to pleading for his basic rights. The urgent need is to make farming viable and profitable again so that we can stop pushing our bread giver to the brink of suicides,” added Akshay.

“The film was an honest attempt to bring on screen this appalling state of affairs and we are sure that it will force people to look deeper into the rot that has become the life of a farmer in this country.”

The movie also attempts to make constructive suggestions that would help the farmer deal with his crisis in a stronger and more sustainable manner, rather than becoming despondent and resorting to extreme measures, due to the lack of supportive infrastructure.


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