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Railways appeals for smooth delivery of freight

🕤 March 24, 2020 | 11:57 am

New Delhi, March 24 : After the shutdown orders in several parts of the country and the police not allowing the railway staff to go to their work, the railways on Tuesday appealed to the administration to allow its employees involved in transportation of essential supplies. The railways in a statement said that several media outlets have portrayed the news that entire rail services have been suspended, which is creating problem at field level as police and administration officials don't get to read circulars and they believe that all train services have been stopped, so railways skeleton staff required to come for essential duty are also being stopped. "In order to ensure essential supplies, the railways is working 24X7. Though All passenger trains have been stopped but freight trains are still running," the railways said. "We are ensuring supply by moving goods like foodgrain, coal, POL, milk, vegetables etc, which is very important for the society. We clearly understand our responsibility during next few months," it said. The remarks from railways came after a number of its employees were stopped at several districts by the local administration. The railways has announced to suspend over 13,600 passenger, mail and express trains till March 31 to combat the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. The freight trains meanwhile are running to ensure the supply of essential goods. /IANS

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