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Capt Amarinder asks police to be humane & sensitive in dealing with curfew violations

🕤 March 27, 2020 | 02:12 am

DW BUREAU / Chandigarh Taking cognizance of reports of excesses against citizens for the enforcement of the curfew in the state, Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Thursday directed the Punjab Police to be more humane and sensitive in dealing with violations. Urging the police personnel to exercise maximum restraint in the difficult situation, the Chief Minister asked them to find more compassionate ways of handling curfew violations, especially in cases of individuals found moving out for essentials. Use of corporal means to punish violators could not be allowed, said Captain Amarinder, directing DGP Dinkar Gupta to take all possible steps to sensitise the police personnel and warn them against taking the law into their hands in dealing with cases of curfew violation. The Chief Minister also appealed to the people to stay at home and reach out to police and civil administration through helpline numbers etc in case of emergency. All efforts were being made to provide doorstep delivery of essential goods and services, he said, adding that the entire police and civil administration was working day and night to ensure that the citizens do not face any inconvenience or hardship. Captain Amarinder also took note of reports of a recorded telephonic message purported to have been released by Gurpatwant Singh Pannu of the Sikhs For Justice (SFJ), and said any attempt by him or anyone else to provoke the youth of Punjab to violate the curfew would not be tolerated. It was obvious that Pannu did not care about the lives of Punjabis, he said, reacting to Pannu's message, in which he had also reportedly warned him (Capt Amarinder) and DGP Dinkar Gupta of serious consequences of any action against violators of the curfew. Meanwhile, DGP Gupta said while by and large the police personnel were seen to be caring and gentle, there had been a few cases of some of them using force against those found violating the restrictions. Gupta said he had directed CPs and SSPs to make it clear to the force down the ranks that there should be zero tolerance to physical beatings etc. No society can tolerate such visuals, he warned, adding that where needed, violators should be booked. Calling for patience, the DGP said "we don't want to sully all the good work we are doing by a few aberrations here and there." The DGP's warning came even as the police on Thursday registered 170 FIRs and arrested 262 for curfew and home quarantine violations. Out of total 170 FIRs, four were registered for violation of home quarantine guidelines, with three FIRs registered in Sangrur and one in Bathinda. (editor@dailyworld.in)

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