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Punjab's Milkfed to supply long-shelf milk

🕤 March 24, 2020 | 11:49 am

Chandigarh, March 24 : Punjab's milk cooperative Milkfed on Tuesday said it would supply long-shelf and skimmed milk despite the state-wide curfew to combat coronavirus. In order to meet the demand, Milkfed has enhanced the processing of ultra-high temperature processing milk having a shelf life that lasts up to 180 days, an official told IANS here. He said the supply of Verka's skimmed milk has also been raised by Milkfed. Milkfed Chairman Harminder Singh said there would be no scarcity of milk in the state. "If the consumers are facing any difficulty in their respective area, they should bring it to the notice of the department," he said. Jalandhar Deputy Commissioner Varinder Sharma asked the public not to rush to the markets to buy milk and essential foodstuff, if there is a curfew relaxation. "We will try to provide milk, vegetables and other essential items at your doorsteps," Sharma told the public through a video message. The cooperative also supplies dairy products like butter, ghee, cottage cheese and curd under the brand name Verka. /IANS

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