Ophelia Lovibond says Minx 2 will explore the impact of success on her character

Mumbai, Oct 4 : Actress Ophelia Lovibond, who received a lot of positive response to her work in the first season of the streaming series 'Minx' and is now all set to enthral the viewers with second season of the show, has shared that in the second season, the show focuses on the impact of success on her character of Joyce Prigger. In the series, Ophelia essays the role of a feminist -- Joyce, who forges an unlikely alliance with a shady adult entertainment publisher to create the first women's erotic titular magazine. The actress told IANS, "In this season, we explore how success affects each person differently. Specifically with Joyce, viewers will see popularity, all the attention and the money coming her way. How she handles all of that, is her arc for the second season. She has to make certain choices as the magazine picks up the momentum." The show is set in the Los Angeles of the 1970s and brings to life a bygone era when Joyce's magazine breaks the clutter as it changes the magazine market completely. While it brings equality by standing equal to male erotic magazines, how things progress forward is very interesting. When an ideology gets the money flowing in to further its message, it often runs the risk of being corrupted. What opinion does Ophelia hold about the adulteration of ideologies in the face of overwhelming money. She shared, "The show is all about how far you're willing to go when there is a lot of money coming in and how your ideology shapes up in front of the market forces. The show aims to put out there -- when and where you draw a line. My character realises that it's better to have more control and less money rather than less control and more money." "The show tells at what point does your moral compass start to dictate your choices and takes the locus of control," she concluded. 'Minx' season 2 will drop on Lionsgate Play on October 6. /IANS


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