'7-on-mobike' video clip baffles police

Kannauj (UP), June 29 : An undated video clip has gone viral on the social media, putting the Kannauj police in a fix. The video clip shows seven persons, including four children, riding a motorcycle driven by a man wearing a helmet. As the man drives the two-wheeler, two children are seen sitting in front of him on the fuel tank while two women and a minor girl are seated behind him. One of the women is carrying another child. In the video, apparently made by a passer-by, a bill board is seen which makes it clear that the location is Chhibramu in Kannauj. A police spokesman said efforts were on to ascertain the date of the clip and identify the man and the women. "Since the persons on the motorbike are not wearing a mask, it seems that the video was probably shot before the corona crisis. It is still a violation of the Motor Vehicles Act because seven persons on a two-wheeler calls for severe punishment," said the spokesman. /IANS


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