Majority feels journalists give preference to divisive issues instead of real ones Survey

New Delhi, Sep 19 : A survey conducted by CVoter for IANS has found that a majority of the respondents feels that during debates and discussions, journalists give preference to communal and divisive issues instead of real ones. The survey had a sample size of 2,433. Almost 60 per cent of the respondents said that journalists give preference to communal and divisive issues instead of real ones. More than two-third of the respondents or 67.8 per cent said some journalists speak in favour of the government instead, of questioning the government on issues of public concern. As many as 54.8 per cent of NDA supporters echoed this view, while 76.4 per cent of the Opposition supporters backed this view. A total of 45.5 per cent respondents said boycotting some journalists would benefit or harm the opposition INDIA bloc, while 30.8 per cent said it would benefit it. A majority of 67.5 per cent said it is right to question the impartiality and credibility of journalists in present times. As per the survey, 33.7 per cent said newspapers are more impartial, while 32.8 per cent said TV channels are more impartial. A majority -- 51.4 per cent -- respondents feel that the opposition INDIA bloc should withdraw its decision to boycott some journalists. A majority of 50.8 per cent feels that the INDIA bloc has taken the decision to boycott some journalists because elections are drawing near. To a question on among the government, journalists and the public, whose responsibility is it to ensure that journalism remains impartial, a majority of 58.7 per cent respondents said it is the responsibility of the journalists, 24.6 per cent said it is the responsibility of the government, while 12.5 per cent said it is the responsibility of the public. /IANS


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