Late arrival for boarding sparks heated exchange between passengers, IndiGo crew at Mumbai airport, video viral

New Delhi, Sep 18 : A couple was captured in a heated argument with the Indigo airline crew at Mumbai airport due to their late arrival for boarding, as per a recent video posted on X (formerly Twitter). According to the footage, the couple was scheduled to take a flight to Ahmedabad but failed to make it to the boarding gate on time. This viral 70-second clip, shared by X handle named ???@gharkekalesh??? on September 16 and which had over 95K views, captures the heated exchange. The video, recorded by an onlooker, commences with the man vocally confronting the airline personnel, with the caption reading: "Kalesh between an IndiGo employee and a couple who are late for boarding at Mumbai airport." In the video, the man, a woman, and a younger passenger, likely their child, are seen holding their cabin bags near boarding gate number 50, which indicates a flight to Ahmedabad. The ground staff member, who is the target of their anger, appears to be attempting to engage in a conversation while also conversing on the phone. The precise details of the incident remain unclear based on the video clip. The footage was filmed by an individual seated in the vicinity of the boarding gates, and it is unknown whether the couple eventually managed to board the flight or if they were indeed offloaded. The airline refused to comment on the issue. /IANS


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