Unknown woman enters Roadies camp, adds new horror element

Mumbai, Sep 16 : There are five new vote-outs pending at MTV 'Roadies' which will soon be announced by Sonu Sood, keeping all the gang leaders and contestants tensed. Amidst all that, an anomaly was spotted in the show after the security cameras caught footage of an unknown woman entering the premises, and disappearing, suddenly making ???Roadies???, a horror show. Just now, after the first loyalty test - ???Khoon Bhari Gang???, or basically a Kendo match organised as a bloodsport where contestants had to destroy the various paint bags around each other. Last episode saw a very close match between Joginder and Rishabh, with the latter winning narrowly. While Sonu Sood, who is the Karm-maker has his own devices planned, a haunting anomaly was captured on ???Roadies???, with a black and white footage of an unknown woman entering the campsite, with only her back visible to the camera. Sporting a white saree, this mystery woman was first spotted as little more than a black shadow on the wall, appearing in the camera in ???Nosferatu??? fashion, before vanishing, spooking the others with all now wondering who this mystery woman is. Making an arbitrary decision, Sonu tells the contestants that five contestants will be packing their bags and going home. The vote-out won???t exactly be carried out in a democratic fashion, because every contestant has to put in a different vote from the other. Now, because the old alliances are dissolved and friendships are turning bitter, there is no telling who will leave the game due to there being no obvious choice. As to who this woman is, and who are the contestants who will be leaving the game, viewers can watch ???MTV Roadies: Karm Ya Kaand??? on MTV and JioCinema on Saturday and Sunday. /IANS


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