Delhi HC asks MCD to tackle stray dog menace

New Delhi, Sep 15 : The Delhi High Court has asked the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) to take swift and appropriate action regarding the pressing issue of the stray dog menace. Justice Dinesh Kumar Sharma pointed out the seriousness of the matter and ordered that a copy of the order be sent to the Commissioner of MCD for immediate action. This court quashed two First Information Reports (FIRs) filed in 2014 against Sarika Patel, who had been accused of her pet dog biting a man and his father on separate occasions. However, the involved parties reached an amicable settlement in May last year. The court noted that the dispute between the parties was primarily of a private nature and that they had resolved all their disputes amicably. In the interest of justice and to bring an end to the matter, the court decided to quash the complaints. Sarika Patel, who identified herself as a philanthropist and animal lover, stated that she regularly provided food to stray dogs and puppies in her neighborhood. She further clarified that the dogs accused of biting the complainants were actually strays and not her pets, and therefore, she had no control over them. Patel argued that since the parties were neighbours, they wished to put an end to the complaints to maintain peace and harmony in their community. They had settled the matter and no longer harboured any grievances against each other, the court was told. Justice Sharma, while quashing the complaints, noted that the chances of conviction were low, as the parties had chosen to resolve their complaints through a settlement. However, he underscored the gravity of the issue concerning the stray dog menace, urging the concerned authority, the MCD, to address it urgently. /IANS


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