Urvashi Rautela s spy thriller Dil Hai Gray debuts at Toronto fest

Toronto, Sep 15 : Director Susi Ganesan's second Hindi film 'Dil Hai Gray', which was the choice of the National Film Development Corporation (NDFC) for the Toronto International Film Festival, premiered here with a special screening, with the director and lead actress Urvashi Rautela present in the audience. Set in three cities in Uttar Pradesh, 'Dil Hai Gray' is a sort of spy thriller-cum-family drama, highlighting the intrusion of technology and social media such as facebook and Instagram into our lives to the extent that anyone can peek into our privacy. With Vineet Kumar Singh and Akshay Oberoi in male roles, the film's plot revolves around a spymaster who has been tasked with tapping phones of big guns for corruption. Ironically, while spying on others, the spymaster himself becomes the victim of a ruthless, super smart computer geek who intrudes into his private life. The modus operandi of this evil computer geek, played by Akshay Oberoi, is to break into people's computers, befriend women and then blackmail and disgrace them. As the spymaster fights for his family honour, the sex-crazy computer geek always stays a step ahead of the spymaster as he wreaks emotional and social havoc on the latter's family. This evenly paced film, frame after frame, tries to portray the reality of modern life - that there is no privacy in today's social-media driven life. In her post-screening speech, Urvashi said it was a dream come true for her to have her film screened at the world's premier film festival. She said she jumped at the opportunity to do this film as she liked its new genre. /IANS


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