Jason Mamoa dons Aquaman costume for last time, in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom trailer

New Delhi, Sep 15 : Hollywood star Jason Mamoa will now don the costume of the iconic sea-based Atlantean superhero for the last time as ???Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom??? has finally released its new trailer, marking the final film of the old DCEU (DC Extended Universe). The film will pick up the threads from 2018???s ???Aquaman??? and is set after the events of ???Zack Snyder???s Justice League???, though it predates ???The Flash???. ???Aquaman 2??? sees Arthur Curry now ruling over the kingdom of Atlantis as its new king, ruling alongside his wife Mera in the sea kingdom. The trailer begins with Arthur Curry making jokes and wisecracks about having been unemployed for four years, while talking to his dad at his lighthouse home, before saying that now he finally has a job, and is now a king to over half a billion people including all creatures of the ocean. But Black Manta has not forgotten his vengeance, and to defeat him, the Atlantan king must team up with his half-brother Orm, who was the villain of the first film and once his mortal enemy. Black Manta has now gotten hold of the Black Trident, which gives him dark magic and greater strength making him far stronger. He has also gathered other forces with him, to destroy Aquaman completely. The trailer also features an enormous machine called ???Octobot???, that comes from the mysterious Lost Kingdom, which is the seventh underwater principality that formed from the sunken remains of Atlantis but had mysteriously vanished, as mentioned in the first ???Aquaman???. Featuring high power action, comedy, emotional drama and exploring relationships, the movie will see Aquaman face off not just against Black Manta, but also from other dangerous dark creatures of the ocean, cursed by the magic of the Black Trident. The movie is created almost entirely through CGI, which is visible though it has vastly improved, and rather than looking cartoonish, it is more in the James Gunn style and is impressively photorealistic. Funny enough, the trailer features every other actor for a considerable time but only has Amber Heard for little more than a second. After the Johnny Depp case, her whole role in the movie was cut short, though she still has a prominent enough role. ???Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom??? is directed by James Wan and stars Jason Mamoa, Patrick Wilson, Amber Heard, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Temuera Morrison, Nicole Kidman and Dolph Lungdren. The movie comes out in theatres on December 20, 2023. /IANS


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