Israel mulls climate law to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Jerusalem, Sep 12 : Israel is mulling a comprehensive climate law that would, for the first time, include a national target for greenhouse gas emission reduction, the country's Ministry of Environmental Protection has said. The proposed bill stipulates that greenhouse gas emissions be reduced by 30 per cent in 2030 compared to the amount in 2015, and then net-zero emissions be achieved by 2050, Xinhua news agency reported. The total amount of greenhouse gas emissions in Israel in 2022 was 3.5 per cent higher than that in the previous year, according to the ministry figures. The new law also includes the set-up of a climate cabinet led by the prime minister, a climate council for policy-making, and a multidisciplinary expert committee for providing professional information and reviews. In addition, the law will require carrying out a climate risk assessment for every governmental plan involved with emissions and other climate impacts. A climate law was approved by the previous government in May 2022 but failed to be approved by the parliament which was dissolved a month later. The law's new version is expected to receive approvals from the government and parliament shortly, as consent has been reached between the relevant ministries, according to the statement. /IANS


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