Modi meets African Union Chairman Assoumani, congratulates him on joining G20

New Delhi, Sep 10 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday met Comoros President and African Union chief Azali Assoumani on the sidelines of the G20 summit. Assoumani thanked Modi for his initiative and efforts in making the African Union a permanent member of the G20. He shared his particular pleasure that this had occured during India???s G20 presidency, considering India's role and links with Africa, official sources said. Assoumani felt this would also give a boost to India-Comoros relations. He also congratulated the Prime Minister for the success of India???s G20 presidency. Modi congratulated the African Union on joining the G20 and highlighted India's efforts to articulate the Voice of Global South and recalled the Voice of Global South Summit convened by India in January 2023. Both leaders also had an opportunity to discuss their bilateral partnership. They expressed satisfaction at the numerous initiatives underway, and discussed opportunities for cooperation in areas like maritime security, capacity building and development partnership. Earlier on Sunday, Assoumani, addressing a press conference after the summit, said: "To my great satisfaction, admission of African Union was approved during the G20 summit. Prime Minister Modi and other members endorsed the accession of the African Union to this major economic decision-making body. As we all know that India is the 5th superpower in the world so there is enough room for India in Africa. We also know that India is so powerful that it went to space. So we just need to coordinate. India is a superpower in terms of inhabitance, and now India is ahead of China." /IANS


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