Lady Gaga on mental health benefits of make up Sometimes it lifts my spirits

Los Angeles, June 3 : Singer Lady Gaga uses make-up to benefit her own mental health after taking the advice of her mother. The 36-year-old pop star is known for having sported a range of diverse looks and costumes throughout her career and explained that her earliest memories of fashion come from her mother, who made her realise that looking "glamorous" could benefit her mental health, reports She told Grazia magazine: "My earliest memories of make-up centre on my mother. Watching her transform and get ready for work was so special, I watched her become this superhuman being. "My mother used to say to me, 'Take care of yourself. You have to look glamorous.' It's not all about how you look - I've worn a lot of make-up before and still felt awful on the inside. But for me, make-up is self-care; sometimes it really lifts my spirits and it has helped me with my mental health a lot throughout my life." The 'Bad Romance' hitmaker has now launched her HausLabs brand in the UK and the US-born superstar went on to add how much she has enjoyed bringing the line to Britain because of her admiration for the country's beauty culture. She added: "I'm known for wearing make-up, I'm known for being expressive. Well, now I don't just wear make-up, I make make-up. I'm part of the process in a big way.' I love the UK and it's no secret that I love the fashion." "People talk about Paris and Milan, but British fashion has influenced me the most throughout my career, there's this relationship between fashion, art and beauty that's subversive and interesting, particularly when it comes to women's gender performance - it's unique. "I've come to the UK with music and performances, but this year I'm coming with make-up." /IANS


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