Netflix s cloud gaming service underway , aims to bring games to any of its devices

San Francisco, March 21 : In an update shared by streaming giant Netflix, it has confirmed that work on its own cloud gaming service is "underway," with an aim to bring games to any of its devices that users have. Netflix VP of External Games Leanne Loombe has confirmed the update on the company's efforts in cloud gaming, reports The Verge. "We are very early in that side of our journey. We do believe that cloud gaming will enable us to provide that easy access to games on any screen and be frictionless and provide the accessibility into gaming experiences," Loombe was quoted as saying. Moreover, she warned that Netflix is being "super thoughtful" in how it builds the service, possibly to avoid a Google Stadia-style disaster, the report said. Currently, users can see Netflix's mobile games in its app, but to actually play them, they have to download them from the App Store or Google Play, which makes it a little clunky, and not too smooth. However, it appears that the company is committed to cloud gaming as a way to make its titles more accessible on mobile and other platforms. "As you can imagine, we do want Netflix games to be playable on every Netflix device that you have," Loombe said. "How the mobile app stores and the streaming comes together is something that we are continuing to work out and plan for," she added. Meanwhile, Netflix has lowered the price of its subscription in more than 30 countries, in an effort to draw in subscribers who have access to a growing number of streaming options. Recent price reductions by the streaming giant include Middle Eastern countries (Yemen, Jordan, Libya and Iran), sub-Saharan African markets such as Kenya, and European nations (Croatia, Slovenia, and Bulgaria). /IANS


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