YouTube Music s new update can auto download recently played songs

San Francisco, March 19 : Google-owned YouTube has added a new update to its Music app that lets users automatically download recently played songs on Android. According to 9to5Google, the new "recently played songs" toggle can be found in Settings > Downloads and storage for those with a Premium subscription. The new update allows users to download up to 200 recently played songs. The users may also find this feature already enabled on their devices. Also, it is independent of the existing "smart downloads" feature, which goes up to 500 songs and is based on music that the app deems to be "favourites". The recently played songs setting for YouTube Music on iOS is yet to be announced. The tech giant also confirmed the addition of Live, Cover, and Remix labels under Other Performances in the Related tab of Now Playing and in search results, said the report. Meanwhile, YouTube has announced that US creators can now create podcasts in YouTube Studio and the inclusion of podcasts in the company's Music app is coming soon. The company tweeted from its TeamYouTube account: "Podcasts are a go! new features on Studio desktop now let you create a new podcast, set an existing playlist as a podcast and measure your podcast's performance." /IANS


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