ChatGPT to eliminate a lot of current jobs OpenAI CEO Sam Altman

San Francisco, March 19 : Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, the company that created ChatGPT, believes that artificial intelligence technology will reshape society as we know it, adding that he worries that AI chatbots could "eliminate a lot of current jobs". He believes it comes with real dangers, but can also be "the greatest technology humanity has yet developed" to drastically improve our lives, according to ABC News. "We've got to be careful here. I think people should be happy that we are a little bit scared of this," Altman was quoted as saying. When asked why he was "scared" about forming his company, he said that if he wasn't, "you should either not trust me or be very unhappy that I'm in this job". "It is going to eliminate a lot of current jobs, that's true. We can make much better ones. The reason to develop AI at all, in terms of impact on our lives and improving our lives and upside, this will be the greatest technology humanity has yet developed," said OpenAI CEO. In addition, he discussed the possible effects of chatbots powered by AI on education, including their potential to encourage laziness among students. "Education is going to have to change. But it's happened many other times with technology. When we got the calculator, the way we taught math and what we tested students on totally changed". Moreover, Altman and his team want users to think of ChatGPT as a "co-pilot," in any field, someone who can help you write complex computer code or solve problems, said the report. Last week, OpenAI announced that ChatGPT Plus, the subscription service to access its text-generating AI, is now available in India. "Great news! ChatGPT Plus subscriptions are now available in India. Get early access to new features, including GPT-4 today," OpenAI said in a tweet. /IANS


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