Macklemore likens addiction to allergy while opening up about sobriety

Los Angeles, March 18 : American rapper Macklemore has likened addiction to allergy. In the wake of his latest album's release, the 'Can't Hold Us' hitmaker made an appearance on health podcast 'On Purpose with Jay Shetty' and opened up about his sobriety journey, reports Looking back at how he became addicted, the Grammy-winning rapper began by stating: "The easiest way for me to describe it is that it was like an allergy." He further elaborated in the latest episode of the health podcast: "It was once I had a sip or a hit or a sniff or whatever it was, I wanted more and I couldn't turn that off. And I never could." When asked about how he came to the decision to recover, Macklemore said that he had to ask himself: "Life or death. What do I choose?" He continued by explaining: "I had been lucky enough that I had already been to rehab. I had already understood that this is the disease of addiction. This is an incurable disease." "This is something that I don't graduate from. This is something that I don't go into remission - like this will be with me forever," the 39-year-old artist went on sharing. He added: "And as a daily reprieve and a daily practice, what am I doing for my recovery?" During the chat, the 'Glorious' singer also shared what helped him during his recovery. "I had a home group where I went and I had a service position," he opened up. "And I made coffee for a bunch of other alcoholics and addicts. And on Tuesdays, in order for the meeting to happen, I needed to show up an hour early and put out the chairs in the meeting and I needed to make the coffee." "I had that accountability. I had that sense of community," the father of three, who has just released his third solo studio album 'Ben', continued spilling. "I didn't feel alone. I felt something that I think all human beings want which is to feel a part of. And the disease of addiction leads you to isolation, at least for a lot of us." Macklemore also gushed over his supportive wife, Tricia Davis, who had been supporting him through his sobriety and battle with addiction. The couple wed in 2015 and together, they have 7-year-old Sloane, 4-year-old Colette and 17-month-old Hugo. /IANS


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