Apple may bring Continuity features to its AR headset

San Francisco, March 6 : Tech giant Apple is planning to bring "Continuity" features to its upcoming augmented reality (AR)-- mixed reality (MR) headset. The tech giant has filed a patent application titled "Multi-Device Continuity for use with Extended Reality (XR) Systems," reports Gizmochina. This indicates that the upcoming headset will come with support for Continuity features like Handoff or Universal Control that are already available on existing gadgets. The iPhone maker essentially uses the term "Continuity" to represent that its products are supported by many platforms and can communicate with one another without any issues. Therefore, it is expected the new upcoming headset will feature Continuity for seamless connection between users' Apple products as long as users are signed into the same Apple ID on all of their devices. The patent also illustrated how the technique would function. While using the headset, users can read an email that their iPhone received. With wireless communication technologies like WiFi and Bluetooth, the connection will be made possible. In January this year, it was reported that Apple will bring health and wellness experiences in its upcoming MR headset. Meanwhile, another report mentioned the tech giant was developing software that will give users an easier way to create their own AR applications on its upcoming headset. It was also rumoured that the MR headset will use motors to automatically adjust lenses for perfect images. /IANS


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