US shoots down Chinese spy balloon Reports

By Yashwant Raj Washington, Feb 5 : Fighter jets have shot down the Chinese spy balloon that had been adrift across US airspace for days now, according to media outlets citing witnesses. A confirmation was awaited from the US defense department. The balloon was over the Carolinas at the time. The Federal Aviation Agency, the US aviation regulator, had closed airspace around are around the time of the shooting and shut down three airports in preparation. Witnesses recounted in TV interviews and on social media that they saw several fighter jets around the balloon for 30 to 40 minutes before it was shot down. "We're gonna take care of it," President Joe Biden told reporters just hours before, when asked if the US will shoot down the balloon. The balloon which was first reported by the US department of defense on Thursday marked a new spike in tensions between the US and China, with the US describing the balloon an "unacceptable" violation of US sovereignty and ed to the postponement of Secretary of State Antony Blinken's high profile visit to Beijing this week. /IANS


UN chief voices concern over attack on Syria s Aleppo airport
United Nations, March 24 : UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has voiced concern over an alleged Israeli air raid on the Aleppo airport in Syria.

Poland s 2022 aid to Ukraine equals 1% of GDP Minister
Warsaw, March 23 : The aid Warsaw gave to Ukraine last year equalled 1 per cent of Poland's GDP, the country's Finance Minister Magdalena Rzeczkowska

Army s Purvottar Bharat Parikrama to reach out to people in NE
Kolkata/Guwahati, March 22 : The 20-day-long pan-Northeast car rally "Purvottar Bharat Parikrama" was flagged off on Wednesday to reach out to the you