Honda showcases electric outboard motor prototype for boats

San Francisco, Feb 3 : Automobile company Honda has showcased its electric outboard motor prototype for boats powered by electric bike batteries at the Dusseldorf Motor Show. The size of the electric outboard motor indicated that it is designed for small and lightweight electric boats, reports Gizmochina. It is speculated that the outboard motor might not exceed 1.5 horsepower. Moreover, the new prototype motor was designed to work with the company's Mobile Power Pack e batteries. The report further mentioned that the "Mobile Power Pack e technology is already being seen in Honda's electric scooters". In December last year, the automobile company had announced that its new vehicle Accord will feature Google built-in, with an aim to give customers a better driving experience. In addition to the integrated Google applications, the new car also features a 10.2-inch digital driver instrumentation display and a 12.3-inch centre touchscreen (Honda's largest ever) with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. /IANS


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