Pro surfers to use Apple Watch during competition

San Francisco, Jan 28 : The US-based World Surf League (WSL) has announced its integration of Apple Watch as the official wearable equipment in WSL. During the WSL Championship Tour season, elite athletes will get access to the new WSL Surfer app on Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra to stay informed during the competition. "Surfers need critical information while they compete, and the WSL Surfer app we've developed for Apple Watch provides real-time data that will help the communication flow from the WSL Scoring System to the competitors in the water," Erik Logan, WSL CEO, said in a statement. With the specially designed WSL Surfer app on Apple Watch, athletes in the competition will be able to access scores, wave priorities, and heat times directly from the wrist, providing them with even more information. "This innovative solution leverages many of the advanced features of Apple Watch -- bright high-resolution display, durability, water resistance, cellular connectivity, and a powerful platform for organizations to build custom apps -- and the new WSL Surfer app will empower surfers competing at the highest level with the information they need while in the water," Eric Jue, Director of Apple Watch Product Marketing, said in a statement. In addition, each competitor will receive a preloaded Apple Watch with the WSL's new app before each heat, as well as training on the WSL Surfer app will also be provided ahead of the season's start. /IANS


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