Ola Electric users complaine of vehicle s front suspension on Twitter

New Delhi, Jan 25 : Several users of the Ola Electric scooter have been complaining about the front suspension of the vehicle on Twitter, as some of them have met with an accident. A user Samkit Parmar tweeted that his wife suffered an accident as her Ola scooter's front wheel broke out of the suspension. "Yesterday a horrific incident took place with my wife. She was riding her @OlaElectric at 9:15 p.m. at a speed of about 35kmph when her front wheel just broke out of the suspension. She was thrown away in front and is in the ICU facing severe injuries. Who is responsible," he wrote. Another user @soumobakshi, after learning about the incident shared his experience, that he had with the scooter. He tweeted: "My sympathies. I have suffered a similar accident on Ola S1 scooter with my daughter on board. Luckily I took all the brunt of the accident with severe chest pain. It took me more than a month to recover from the blunt force injury due to my torso hitting the handlebar." Moreover, last year same incidents were reported by multiple users on Twitter. A user claimed that his Ola S1 Pro's front suspension broke down while riding. On the microblogging site, Sreenadh Menon requested the company for a replacement of the vehicle. "The front fork is breaking even in small speed driving and it is a serious and dangerous thing we are facing now, we would like to request that we need a replacement or design change on that part and save our life from a road accident due to poor material used," Menon wrote. Many other users too joined him with countless stories of quality issues, breakdowns and poor after-sales experiences on the same thread. /IANS


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