Youth dies seconds after sneezing in UP

Meerut, Dec 5 : A shocking incident has been caught on camera in which a seemingly healthy young man is seen walking down a lane with his friends when he sneezes and dies. The viral video is from Meerut and the youth is walking while talking to his three friends. Suddenly, the youth puts his hands on his chest and sneezes. A second later he puts his hands on his neck and slumps on the floor. The friends reportedly took him to a nearby medical facility where he was declared brought dead. No case has been registered in the matter. This is in addition to, at least, half a dozen incidents in Uttar Pradesh where young people have been seen slumping to their death while dancing or talking. A bride, two days ago, collapsed and died on stage after exchanging garlands with her groom. Medical experts claim that this is a post-Covid phenomenon where people suffer massive silent heart attack. /IANS


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