UNICEF hands over child friendly classrooms to Bangladesh

Dhaka, Nov 28 : The UNICEF has handed over 110 classrooms for 22 schools to the government of Bangladesh. Out of the 110 classrooms, 76 are newly constructed while 36 have been renovated, said UNICEF in a statement on Sunday. The new and improved classrooms will provide child-friendly learning spaces and better access to education for more than 8,000 children in Bangladesh's district of Cox's Bazar, nearly 392 km southeast of the national capital Dhaka. "Children spend a large part of their waking hours in the classroom, and really, the classroom should feel like a second home for children. Research shows that when classrooms are child-friendly and safe, children are motivated to learn, and school enrolment, attendance and completion rates go up," said Sheldon Yett, UNICEF Representative to Bangladesh. The initiative is part of UNICEF's support for Bangladeshi children in the district, Xinhua news agency reported. In addition, UNICEF is supporting the local government to strengthen teaching and learning through grants that benefit all 657 schools in Cox's Bazar. /IANS


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