'We don't need Sachin Pilot': BJP reacts to Gehlot's allegations

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Jaipur, Nov 25 : BJP's Rajasthan unit president Satish Poonia on Thursday said his party "cannot be held guilty" for the tussle between Congress party colleagues Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot after the Rajasthan Chief Minister alleged the saffron party had sent Rs 10 crore to each MLA of Pilot camp to topple the Congress-led state government. "Sachin Pilot has nothing to do with BJP. This is an internal quarrel within the Congress. How can we be guilty of the ongoing feud? There is no substance in Gehlot's allegations. We never met or talked to Pilot. We never needed Pilot before, and we don't need him even now," he said. "It never happens that a party has to sack its Deputy CM and Pradesh Congress Committee chief. We did not ask anyone to go and topple the government. This was their own issue. An attempt has been made to make BJP a reason while the quarrel was their own. Even the fault was their own. Gehlot has made the BJP a medium of allegation for his own defence," he added. Poonia further said that the people of Rajasthan have been suffering for 4 years. On the allegations of sending money from the BJP headquarters to "pro-Pilot MLAs", Poonia said: "These are allegations... that's why nothing comes out of them. This is poor defence and face saving by Ashok Gehlot. Responding to a question if the BJP leaders met Pilot and MLAs, Poonia said: "Why would we meet, what is the reason? He was not our MLA. He was the PCC chief. We didn't send them... what to do if someone wants to break away from his party?" Gehlot always makes such allegations which have no basis and logic, he said while answering to allegations that cash was sent out from BJP headquarters. "It is only a way of expressing their (Congress) own frustration and disappointment that BJP should be blamed," he said. /IANS


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