Half HLA matched bone marrow transplant on 12 yr old

Lucknow, Sep 26 : Doctors at the Medanta Hospital in the state capital have successfully performed allogeneic haploidentical (half-HLA matched) bone marrow transplantation on a 12-year-old suffering from high-risk and life-threatening acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). The hospital claimed to be the first private hospital in the eastern and central UP to have achieved the feat. A team led by Dr Anshul Gupta, director-haematology, haemato-oncology and bone marrow transplant, performed the procedure. Dr Gupta said, "The patient who hails from Prayagraj, first complained of fever, body ache and anaemia three months ago. On further investigations, it was found that she has AML. She was initially administered two cycles of chemotherapy to bring the disease under control following which she underwent haplo-identical bone marrow transplant at Medanta. Her father was chosen as an HLA half-matched stem cell donor as doctors could not find any full-matched HLA donor for her." Dr Gupta added that usually, HLA-matched sibling donors are the first choice in such cases. /IANS


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