Morning at NAO refinery, killing several people

Plaza Huincul: Smoke rises from the New American Oil (NAO) refinery in Plaza Huincul, Neuquen province, Argentina,Thursday, Sept. 22, 2022. An explosion caused a major fire this morning at the NAO refinery, killing several people the town?Äôs mayor said. /AP-PTI


Sachin Tendulkar at book release in Mumbai
Mumbai: Former cricketer Sachin Tendulkar during a book release written on him by Dwarkanath Sanzgiri, in Mumbai, Friday, June 2, 2023. ( /PTI

Delhi Vadodara Mumbai expressway
**EDS: IMAGE VIA @nitin_gadkari** A section of the Delhi-Vadodara-Mumbai Expressway, Friday, June 2, 2023. ( /PTI

Heart Valve Replacement surgery
**EDS: IMAGE VIA @adgpi** A highly complex surgery of 'Heart Valve Replacement without an Open-Heart Surgery' on a 53 year old woman has been conducte