Fortnite s new season brings chrome powered abilities, more

San Francisco, Sep 19 : Fortnite's season four of chapter three will bring in a lot of new content to the video game, including chrome-powered abilities and Gwen from 'Into the Spider-Verse'. According to Engadget, a new substance called Chrome is taking over the island, and users can use it to their advantage to gain a jump on other players. Users can throw Chrome vials on walls to pass through them and at their feet to turn themselves into a blob that is faster and immune to fire and fall damage. As a Chrome blob, users also gain the ability to air dash, allowing them to close distance on enemies quickly, the report said. Chrome has changed the island too. Users will find a new point of interest called the Herald's Sanctum by the abandoned Sanctuary. Other locations, such as Condo Canyon, now float in the air as they try to find safety from the substance. Smaller gameplay tweaks include a buff to sniper rifles. The obvious highlight is Spider-Gwen, but there is also a nifty skater cat and what looks like a bear within a werewolf costume for players to unlock. /IANS


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