Typhoon Nanmadol slammed ashore


Rescuers conduct a search operation at the site of a landslide in Mimata, Miyazaki Prefecture, southern Japan, Monday Sept. 19, 2022. Powerful Typhoon Nanmadol slammed ashore in southern Japan on Sunday as it pounded the region with strong winds and heavy rain, causing blackouts, paralyzing ground and air transportation and prompting the evacuation of thousands of people. /AP-PTI


Indoor Badminton Court cum Multi Purpose Training Hall
Birbhum: Trinamool Congress MP Satabdi Roy plays badminton during the inauguration of the 'Indoor Badminton Court cum Multi Purpose Training Hall', in

International Gita Mahotsav
Gurugram: Specialist demonstrates CPR life saving techniques during the 'International Gita Mahotsav', in Gurugram, Friday, Dec.2, 2022. ( /PTI

Currency garlands being sold
Jalandhar: Currency garlands, that are worn by grooms during marriage, being sold at a roadside stall, in Jalandhar, Friday, Dec.2, 2022. ( /PTI