UN chief calls for solidarity to address common challenges

United Nations, Sep 14 : The 77th session of the UN General Assembly was held, and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for solidarity among member states to address common challenges. The many challenges that defined the 76th session of the General Assembly are still very much around as the new session starts, Guterres told the opening of the 77th session on Tuesday. "We face a world in peril across our work to advance peace, human rights and sustainable development, from conflicts and climate change to a broken global financial system that is failing developing countries, to poverty, inequality and hunger, to divisions and mistrust," he said. "Addressing common challenges will require continued solidarity as we demonstrate the great promise and potential of this organisation," said the UN chief. "The UN is the home of cooperation. And the General Assembly is the life within that home. You represent the beating heart of global cooperation. The months ahead will continue testing the strength and durability of the multilateral system this organisation represents," Guterres told delegates. The world is looking to the members of the General Assembly to use all the tools at their disposal to negotiate and forge consensus and solutions: debate, deliberation, diplomacy, said Guterres. "These eternal tools represent the best pathway to a better, more peaceful world." He added that the 77th session must be a moment of transformation -- for people and planet alike, Xinhua news agency reported. New General Assembly President Csaba Korosi declared open the 77th session of the General Assembly and presided over its first plenary. /IANS


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