Guru Randhawa releases another track 'Fake Love' from 'Man of the Moon'


Mumbai, Sep 12 : Guru Randhawa candidly speaks about his latest track 'Fake Love' from his album 'Man of the Moon', explaining how he has tried to make it different not only in terms of audio but also visuals. "Since the audio is so different, we attempted to do something out-of-the-box in terms of the visuals of the music video. We shot the video of 'Fake Love' in Bulgaria during the lockdown and are very excited with the way it turned out," said Randhawa. 'Fake Love' is the second song after 'Signs' from his album 'Man of the Moon' which consists of 7 songs. Directed by Rupan Bal, the music video features Guru along with Sanjoy and Amar Sandhu. Rupan said that the track is a reflection of a gripping story along with its music and visuals that make it a must watch. "The music video of Fake Love actually has a compelling story and the track in itself takes that narrative ahead. It's sharp, pacey and gripping and a treat to Guru Randhawa fans," he said. Produced by Bhushan Kumar, 'Fake Love' is composed and mixed by Sanjoy, with lyrics by Royal Maan and Amar Sandhu. It is out on T-Series' YouTube channel /IANS


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