Doctors treat patients under mobile torch light in UP hospital


Ballia (Uttar Pradesh), Sep 12 : Doctors at the government hospital in Ballia treated patients under mobile torch lights after a prolonged power cut. Video clips showing a doctor examining a woman patient on a stretcher and other people crowding around, have gone viral on social media. "There was a disturbance for some time as we were getting the batteries for the generator," said Dr R.D. Ram, orthopaedic surgeon and chief in-charge at the district hospital. He claimed that the hospital has a generator for backup but that it took time to get the batteries. Asked why the generator was without the battery, he said, "There is always the fear of the batteries getting stolen. Hence they are removed when not in use." Several patients said that frequent power cuts had become the order of the day and the hospital administration normally does not use the generator. Ballia had witnessed heavy rainfall over the weekend which led to power disruptions. /IANS


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