Rajat Dahiya shares how his fateful Shimla vacation got him his break


By Ila Sankrityayan Mumbai, Aug 18 : From those typical Rajasthani style neckpiece, angrakhas, dhoti and jutis to beard, Rajat Dahiya has left no stone unturned to bring perfection to his look in 'Sanjog'. He said casually: "As an actor it is my job", adding that: "I don't think much. Whatever comes to me I grab it and try to do justice to it. I never give a thought if it is good or bad, I just do my job and let the production and creatives do their job. In 'Piya Rangrezz', I was playing a UP guy and there I did what was required and here I am doing what is needed." During the promotion of his show 'Sanjog' in Mumbai, he told IANS about his journey to the entertainment industry that began unexpectedly when he was just enjoying his vacation in Shimla. "I still remember when the producer of the reality show 'Get Gorgeous' noticed me on the streets and said, 'You have the potential and we have our auditions in Delhi. You should come over there'. I went there, auditioned, got selected and also became the winner of the show in 2010," he said. But, admitting his flaws, he said that after winning the show, he stopped looking for work and was partying with friends, enjoying his success. "After winning the show I came to Mumbai and I was like now I got the fame and work also. What is the need to think much and I was just doing parties and nothing much. So, I stopped working. I forgot the process because of a certain amount of hard work that I had put in, that's the reason I got that name and fame." "Because work comes to a person who is looking for work and is hard working. Soon I realised the reality," he added, saying that when he stepped out to look for some project he got it immediately. He went on saying: "After the lesson I got in my life, I just never looked back and never showed any reluctance in taking up any kind of role. When I was 30, I played the character of a 55 year old man in 'Tujhse Hai Raabta'. That was for two reasons: first, before this show I was playing grayish characters so I wanted to break that image; and second, I am in the industry to be an actor so I don't want to be choosy always." Doing 'Sanjog' came as an opportunity for Rajat as he got to play a lead role opposite popular actress Kamya Punjabi. "Despite the fact that I never give much thought about lead or parallel lead, this time I wanted to show my worth and when this show came to me, I just took it immediately." In the show, he is playing Gopal, who is Gauri's(Kamya Panjabi) husband. On praising Kamya, he said: "She is a fabulous actor and the way she has put all efforts to get into the skin of character is just superb. It is not easy for her. Language is a real barrier. But she crossed that. In her last show, she played a Punjabi character so it was quite tough to get out of Punjabi dialect and speak with a typical Rajasthani accent. Certain times if she goes wrong and I point out, she is never stern and says 'I won't do' and all, she just puts in all effort to give her best and I am sure audience will see the chemistry between us in the show." 'Sanjog' starring Kamya Punjabi, Shefali Sharma, Rajniesh Duggall and Rajat Dahiya will be starting from August 22 on Zee TV. /IANS


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