Wholesale Price Index


New Delhi, Aug 16 : India's wholesale inflation came down to 13.93 per cent in July, data released by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry showed on Tuesday. The wholesale price index (WPI) had spiked to 15.18 per cent during the month of June. The WPI in July 2021 was at 11.57 per cent. Inflation in July, 2022 is primarily contributed by rise in prices of mineral oils, food articles, crude petroleum and natural gas, basic metals, electricity, chemicals & chemical products, food products, etc., as compared to the corresponding month of the previous year, said the ministry. The index for Primary Article group (weight 22.62 per cent) declined by 2.69 per cent to 177.5 (provisional) in July, 2022 from 182.4 (provisional) for the month of June, 2022. Prices of Minerals (0.96 per cent) increased in July, 2022 as compared to June, 2022. Prices of Food Articles (-2.56 per cent), Non-food Articles (-2.61 per cent) and Crude Petroleum & Natural Gas (-5.05 per cent) declined in July, 2022 as compared to June, 2022, said the ministry. However, the index for Fuel and Power group increased by (6.56 per cent) to 165.6 (provisional) in July, 2022 from 155.4 (provisional) for the month of June, 2022. Prices of Mineral Oils (7.95 per cent) and Electricity (6.38%) increased in July, 2022 as compared to June, 2022. The index for Manufactured Products group declined by 0.42 per cent to 143.1 (provisional) in July, 2022 from 143.7 (provisional) for the month of June, 2022. The Food Index consisting of 'Food Articles' from Primary Articles group and 'Food Product' from Manufactured Products group have decreased from 178.4 in June, 2022 to 174.4 in July, 2022. The rate of inflation based on WPI Food Index decreased from 12.41 per cent in June, 2022 to 9.41 per cent in July, 2022, said the ministry. /IANS


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