Friends star Lisa Kudrow recollects meeting Jerry Seinfeld

Los Angeles, Aug 11 : Jerry Seinfeld didn't miss a chance to mention that he had a hand in the success of American sitcom 'Friends' when he met actress Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay, during a party. According to Kudrow, she once found herself at the same event with the 'Seinfeld' star, who teased Kudrow about how his show was boosting 'Friends' profile, reports 'People' magazine. Jerry's sitcom 'Seinfeld' is often called the predecessor of 'Friends' in pop-culture. "I remember going to some party and Jerry Seinfeld was there, and I said, 'Hi', and he said, 'You're welcome'," the actress told 'The Daily Beast'. "I said, 'Why, thank you a what?'" According to 'People', Seinfeld then told her, "you're on after us in the summer, and you're welcome". As it happened, in 'Friends' first season on air it followed the Helen Hunt/Paul Reiser sitcom 'Mad About You'. But the series really "exploded", according to Kudrow, during the summer of 1995 after NBC placed the show's season 1 reruns after re-airings of 'Seinfeld', which was a certified hit in its sixth season. 'People' further states that back at the party in the '90s, Kudrow graciously replied to Seinfeld" "That's exactly right. Thank you." And even as she takes stock today, the 59-year-old actress still acknowledges Seinfeld, 68, had a point. "Not to take anything away from the writing on 'Friends', or the cast, or how good 'Friends' really was... But the first season our ratings were just fine." /IANS


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