Twitter, Instagram remove accounts of suspect in US shooting: Report


San Francisco, July 5 : Social media sites, including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Discord, have moved quickly to remove accounts that appeared to belong to Robert Crimo III, a person of interest in the Chicago suburb shooting in the US. Under a pair of aliases, Crimo seemed to have posted more than a dozen videos to YouTube and hosted a Discord channel, named "SS", which was open to the public through an invite link, reports The Verge. Crimo's apparent YouTube account had not posted in around eight months, based on the website's viewing before the account was pulled out. The most recent video included concerning language and imagery that appeared to involve classrooms and stick-art depictions of people being shot. Another clip seemed to be a music video for a rap song, which ended in Crimo wearing protective gear and handling bullets in what appeared to be a classroom. Under a rap alias, which the website declined to name, Crimo appeared to have posted multiple albums to Spotify and several EPs and singles to Apple Music, both of which remained online as of this writing. Social media posts suggest a TikTok account linked to Crimo may have been removed as well, the report said. After the mass shooting in Buffalo, New York in May, it was quickly found that the shooting suspect had discussed plans for his attack on a private Discord server. He also used Twitch to live stream his attack. Less than two weeks ago, the US Supreme Court ruled that it should be harder for states to place restrictions on guns. /IANS


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