UN official wants Afghan schools to open in practice

Kabul, July 5 : Ramiz Alakbarov, officer-in-charge of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), said that he wants to see the promises of the Taliban's Islamic Emirate regime over schooling implemented "in practice". Speaking to TOLO News, Alakbarov said: "All the time I am hearing is while I am having this dialogue. What they (Taliban) are telling us is that in 12 provinces the schools are opened and other provinces will be reopened soon. There is some technicalities, there is no policy against it. "I keep hearing that education for all is something that they are offering to stand for. I want to see this in practice because I want to see girls back to school." Alakbarov also said that the Afghan humanitarian crisis will never end unless steps are taken to create a sustainable situation in the country. "Honestly, as I look at the situation in Afghanistan, this humanitarian crisis will never be over unless we start creating a more sustainable situation for people to go back to work, earn money and start addressing the problems," he told TOLO News. Schools for girls beyond class 6 have remained closed since the Taliban took control of the country last August. /IANS


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