2nd tourist gored by bull bison in a week at Yellowstone National Park


Washington, July 1 : In a second such incident this week, a woman was gored by a bull bison in Yellowstone National Park, one of the largest and best-known national parks in the US, officials said. The 71-year-old woman from Pennsylvania was gored by the bull bison near Storm Point at Yellowstone Lake on Wednesday, Xinhua news agency quoted a statement posted on the park's Facebook page on Thursday. This is the third reported bison and visitor incident in Yellowstone so far this year. A 34-year-old male from Colorado was gored by the bison near Giant Geyser at Old Faithful on Tuesday, while 25-year-old female from Ohio was gored and tossed over three metres into the air on May 30, sustaining a puncture wound and other injuries. In Thursday's statement, park officials stressed once again that wildlife in Yellowstone National Park can be dangerous when approached. Yellowstone closed for more than a week earlier this month and partially reopened last week after an unprecedented flooding that caused severe damage to roads and other critical park infrastructure. Summer is usually the busiest season in Yellowstone. The 8,991-square-km wilderness recreation area, largely in the northwest corner of Wyoming and extending into Montana and Idaho, attracted approximately 4.86 million visitors last year. /IANS


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