Zelensky expects parliament to adopt European integration bills as priority


Kiev, June 25 : Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expects the Verkhovna Rada, or parliament, to adopt European integration bills as a priority. The President's remark came a day after the European Union's (EU) decisded to grant the candidate status to Ukraine for the nation's accession to the 27-member bloc In his regular video message to the nation, he said on Friday: "We have a lot of work ahead. Our key to success is the cohesion of all branches of government and society. Despite the war, we continue to implement EU legislation, norms, and rules in all spheres of our life. The government will develop a roadmap. We know our next steps. We have the European Commission recommendations. "We expect the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to adopt European integration bills as a priority. From all of you, high civic consciousness, devotion to our values, and awareness that no one will build us a European Ukraine except us." Earlier in the day, Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine Olha Stefanishyna said the Verkhovna Rada was getting ready to vote for more than 30 bills within the framework of Kiev's European integration by the end of the year, reports Ukrayinska Pravda. She also said that Ukraine expects to implement the European Commission recommendations on granting EU candidate status by the end of the year. During a two-day summit in Brussels, the European Council on Thursday accepted Ukraine as a candidate for membership of the bloc. Just four days after Russia launched its invasion of Kiev on February 24, Zelensky had signed an official appeal to the EU asking for the accession of Ukraine via a new special procedure. /IANS


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