Hungary amends constitution to extend govt's state of emergency powers


Budapest, May 25 : Hungary's Parliament has amended the country's constitution to enable the government to introduce a special legal order and declare a state of emergency in case of an armed conflict, war or humanitarian disaster in a neighbouring country. The legislation was approved with 136 votes for and 36 against, Xinhua news agency reported. Currently, Hungary's constitution authorises the government to declare a state of emergency, referred to as a "state of danger", "in the event of a natural disaster or industrial accident endangering life and property, or in order to mitigate the consequences thereof". Under the changes, the government will have the power to suspend some laws or deviate from their stipulations to ensure the security of residents, their assets, as well as the stability of the national economy. The Constitutional Court, if requested, must review the measures taken by the government. The 10th amendment of the country's constitution was initiated by Justice Minister Judit Varga and will enter into force on November 1, 2022. /IANS


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