Jaipur becomes only city in India with 2 leopard safaris


Jaipur, May 23 : Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, has become the first city in india to house two leopard reserves after the launch of the Amagarh project. Amagarh is a reserved forest section in the Aravali mountain range spreading over 1,524 hectares and it houses 15 leopards. Besides leopards, other wildlife found here are hyenas, jackals, wild cats, foxes and civet cats in the carnivorous category, while in the herbivorous category there are nilgai, Asian Deer (sambhar), rabbits, among others. The state's forest department in 2017 made efforts in wildlife conservation under Project Leopard, after which when the number of leopards started increasing at the Jhalana Reserve. The number of leopards in 2018 was around 20, and currently there are about 40. In the last three years (January 2019 to August 2021), a total of 35 cubs were born. The Amagarh forest area is used as a corridor by leopards and other wildlife. The jungles of Jhalana are spread over 1,978 hectares only, which is limited space for leopards therefore sub-adult leopards in search of habitat are moving towards Amagarh and Lalberi forest areas. In this way, the number of leopards will increase, according to department officials. The officials confirmed that the safaris in this area will be organised in two shifts -- morning an evening. To avoid overcrowding and to regulate tourism, only a limited number of vehicles will be allowed in each shift. Safari tickets will be available online for the convenience of tourists and bookings can be made on the website. "Apart from enjoying the drive through the enchanting forest and clicking pictures of leopard, hyena, desert fox and other birds and animals during the drive, tourists can also enjoy some scenic views around the area. There are several forts and temples inside the area like Galta temple, Amagarh fort, Raghunath fort and Amabamata temple," the officials added. /IANS


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