India must manufacture more mobile tempered glass screens to counter China


New Delhi, April 20 : The domestic market for tempered glass screen protectors for smartphones -- dominated by China -- is expected to reach 550 million units with a value of Rs 25,000 crore ($3.4 billion) by 2025, generating at least 75,000 jobs in the country, a new report showed on Wednesday. Even with such a large projected demand, India has no established players supplying tempered glass screen protectors and most of the business (90 per cent) is occurring in the unorganised market, according to a report by the India Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA). "Tempered glass should be brought under the CRO (Compulsory Registration Order (CRO) regime so that proper standardisation sets in. This will move the market to the organised sector, in the same line as the mobile accessories like chargers, batteries, tempered glass, hearables, and wearables," the findings showed. Currently, the global mobile accessories market, including chargers, batteries, tempered glass, hearables, and wearables etc. is worth $225 billion. The screen protectors' market is a key part of the global mobile accessories ecosystem, which is expected to grow to $75 billion from $43 billion currently. "There is an urgent need to channelise this industry with quality standards and ensure that 'sub-standard' tempered glass screen protectors are not made/imported or sold in the country," said Pankaj Mohindroo, Chairman, ICEA. Once the standardisation is achieved, a legal and quality-oriented market will be created, "enabling the local suppliers to sell through proper channels and formalising the entire supply chain", Mohindroo added. China dominates the tempered glass manufacturing segment with over 90 per cent share of the global market, primarily led by their SME/MSME segment. With sustainable and organised domestic manufacturing, India also has a great global opportunity for a substantial share in the global market which can be a great enabler and a massive opportunity for MSMEs in India. "The tempered glass screen protectors' market, if regularised, would benefit the nation by improving the country's image as a aquality products manufacturing base' and can generate employment to the tune of 75,000 (direct and indirect)," said Mohindroo. /IANS


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