Usage of top dating apps grew nearly 20% YoY in January


New Delhi, Feb 11 : The monthly active users of Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge collectively grew 17 per cent in January 2022, when compared to January 2019, globally. Although the calculus of socialisation has changed in the last two years, dating app usage is still up compared to pre-pandemic levels. According to Sensor Tower, Tinder has maintained its majority market share among top dating apps in the US for the last five years. The app's global usage reflects the same trend. From January 2019 through January 2022, Bumble and Hinge's monthly active users reached a fraction of Tinder's, however, their user bases have grown over that time. In January 2019, Bumble's MAUs reached about 13 per cent of Tinder's while Hinge saw about 3 per cent. In three years, Bumble's usage climbed 13 points to reach more than a quarter of Tinder's in January 2022, and Hinge's usage climbed 9 points to 12 per cent. Bumble and Hinge have seen their audiences surge over the last three years. In January 2022, Hinge saw its MAUs reach more than four times that of January 2019, while Bumble has seen its MAUs grow 96 per cent while comparing the two time periods. Tinder's usage, on the other hand, has remained relatively steady over the same period of time - unsurprising because its audience is already comparatively large and the app remains the entrenched market leader. /IANS


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