CEO Joy Bhattacharjya in Kolkata


Kolkata: CEO of Prime Volleyball League Joy Bhattacharjya poses during the official launch of team Kolkata Thunderbolts for the Prime Volleyball League, in Kolkata, Saturday, Jan. 29, 2022. ( /PTI


Security in Bhaderwah
Bhaderwah: Police personnel stand guard outside a mosque as security has been beefed up to thwart protests after Friday prayers, in Bhaderwah town of

People visit Gallery of Revolutionaries
Mumbai: People visit the 'Gallery of Revolutionaries' museum dedicated to the luminaries of the freedom struggle, at Raj Bhavan in Mumbai, Friday, Jun

Anti-Agnipath scheme protest in Patna
Danapur: Protester block the Khagaul Road during a protest against the 'Agnipath' scheme near Patna, Friday, June 17, 2022. ( /PTI