Apple lowers trade-in value for Android smartphones


San Francisco, Jan 21 : Apple has significantly reduced the amount of discount users get when they trade in their Android smartphones for an Apple device. According to MacRumors, the company has changed the official estimated trade-in value for users wanting to turn in their Android phones in order to get a brand new iPhone. Previously, trade-ins could fetch buyers a decent $545 discount when purchasing from the Apple Store, but now, the maximum discount has been brought down to just $405. If you traded in your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, which launched for $1,299, Apple would have given you a $545 credit. However, if you trade it in right now, Apple will only give you $405. The Google Pixel 5 went from fetching $315 to only managing $235. Similarly, Apple has dropped trade-in values for Samsung Galaxy S21 and more. In addition, Cupertino based tech giant has also cut trade-in discounts for Macbooks and iPads. Trading in a Macbook Pro will now net you $1415 instead of the usual $1630. Similarly, you will now get a discount of about $335 after trading in an iPad Air as compared to $345. /IANS


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