Investigate truth as only truth matters: Justice Maheshwari to newly recruited CBI personnel


[**EDS: IMAGE PROVIDED BY CBI ON MONDAY, JAN. 3, 2022.** Ghaziabad: Justice Dinesh Maheshwari (R) presents the award to a trainee, during the Investiture Ceremony of the XXIV Batch of the Sub-Inspector trainees of CBI, at CBI Academy in Ghaziabad. ( /PTI] New Delhi, Jan 3 : Supreme Court Justice Dinesh Maheshwari while speaking at the Investiture Ceremony of the 24th batch of the newly recruited Sub-Inspector (trainees) of the CBI said that they should investigate truth as the truth is what matters in the end. The ceremony was organized at CBI Academy Ghaziabad where he was speaking as a chief guest. Justice Maheshwari congratulated the trainees and called upon them to discharge their responsibilities impartially and in consonance with the oath taken of allegiance to the country and to become even more loyal, honest and impartial. He pointed out that it was their duty to investigate the truth as the truth is what matters in the end. "It will be upon you to investigate impartially, to strive to seek the truth and to assist the Court of Law in coming to a decision which upholds the cause of justice," he said. The apex court justice also spoke about the relation between personal integrity and the institutional integrity. "Beyond that personal integrity, you need to understand and inculcate institutional integrity and that is, what is more important. Your individual integrity, we will have no doubt about, but then, institutional integrity, again, calls upon you to understand what your surroundings are, what your institution requires, what is required of the best of your 'I' to our 'we'. The aim of these academies like your academy while training you, is ultimately to integrate you into the institutional integrity. I am sure you will keep on reminding yourself about the institutional integrity that would be the hallmark of your success in the days to come," he said. He said that to deal with the new age challenges the officials need to upgrade their knowledge which is going to be their best ally and asset in times to come. "Do not forget that whenever Constitutional courts want that matters must be presented to them with impeccable true facts, it is the CBI which is called upon for the purpose", Maheshwari said. CBI Director Subodh Kumar Jaiswal said that young officers must continue to uphold the highest standards of integrity in their professional conduct as they might come across temptations to compromise with the ethos of professionalism and rectitude. "Corrupt public servants have a short-shelf life and trail of miseries thereafter. We should not seek short-term advantages through unethical means which will have definite long-term dire consequences," said the CBI director. He said that the CBI is in process of digitalizing training methodology by developing self paced e-learning modules so that officers could upgrade their knowledge at a place and time of their convenience. /IANS


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