Vivian Dsena on pulling off stunts in upcoming show 'Sirf Tum'


Mumbai, Nov 14 : Actor Vivian DSena, who will be seen playing the lead role of 'Ranveer' in the upcoming show 'Sirf Tum', shares about his character and how passionate he is about his relationship with 'Suhani', played by Eisha Singh in the show. He also talks about performing an action sequence for his character. Recently, Vivian posted a behind-the-scenes video on his social media account in which he was seen jumping off a building with a harness attached and captioned it saying: "No Pain... No Gain". This action scene performed by Vivian will be showcased in one of the initial episodes. Vivian Dsena says: "My character in 'Sirf Tum' has a wild spirit that cannot be tamed. 'Ranveer' is an extremely passionate person for everything he cares about; especially the love of his life - 'Suhani'! I have recently filmed a pulsating stunt that will show what a daredevil Ranveer really is and to what lengths he can go to safeguard his loved ones." He adds further on performing stunts for the show and how much he enjoys doing it. According to him he relates with his role in a way that he is also daring in real life. "I do my own stunts as far as the stunt director allows. Stunts are something that I enjoy the most and give me a different kind of satisfaction. I am enjoying every bit of excitement it brings to become one with 'Ranveer'. His adventurous persona will surely get the audiences hooked on their television screens. I couldn't be more thankful to have landed this role," he concludes. The daily soap 'Sirf Tum' will start from November 15 at 8 p.m. on Colors. /IANS


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