Goa mulling law for bars to arrange drivers for tipsy customers


Panaji, Oct 26 : Bars in Goa may soon have to make licenced drivers available to tipsy customers in an effort to curb drunk driving accidents in the coastal state, according to a new law which is being mulled by the state Transport Ministry. "When I talk of drunken driving, in the long term, my government will bring a legislation which will make it compulsory in all places, which I call watering holes where people drink, to keep a driver," Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho told reporters late on Monday. "So if people are drunk, they (bar owners) don't allow them to go in their own vehicle. It will be a law. They will have to go back with the driver (arranged for by the bar). "Goa is a very progressive state recognised by everyone in the country. In this respect as far as road safety is concerned, we should also be number one. There should be less road accidents," he said. Godinho said that his Ministry was working on ways to ensure smooth implementation of the proposed law. "They will have to follow (rules) just like they do in developed countries. We are examining how to examine smooth implementation (of this proposed law). We are going to take it in the next Road Safety Council meeting, evolve a plan and work according to the plan." Godinho said that tourists were welcome to come and drink in Goa, but they should not drink and drive. "We want tourists in big numbers who can come and spend. We also want them to enjoy. When I say enjoy, I mean they drink. Let them drink. But when they drink, they will have to follow discipline. It is unacceptable that they drive on the streets (drunk). "Why I am saying this? One person gets drunk and meets with an accident and other people suffer. Innocent people lose their limbs. This is unacceptable," he added. /IANS


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